Happy Valentine’s Day

I didn’t make the resolution to blog more for the New Year, although I am starting to think I should have. ;) Things around here have been busy as usual. I am working on a big project for a local business and Hazel has started walking. I am excited to share a post about the Ladies “Shoot for a Cause” Session that we did to benefit Vision House. Until then,

Here are a few photos of our Valentine:

RobynTurnerBabyPhotography-7666 RobynTurnerBabyPhotography-7672 RobynTurnerBabyPhotography-7683 RobynTurnerBabyPhotography-7690 RobynTurnerBabyPhotography-7701 RobynTurnerBabyPhotography-7730 RobynTurnerBabyPhotography-7767

Nine Months of Joy

Our baby girl, Hazel, turned nine months old yesterday! She now has four teeth and is just barely standing on her own. She loves to smile at new friends she meets and giggles anytime she sees a cat. We are doing our best to enjoy every day with her, since they seem to pass so quickly.





Ladies Glamour Portrait Event

I am happy to share that I will be hosting another portrait event at my home on Sunday January 19th. This time it will be in support of Vision House, which is an organization that provides housing for mothers and children in need. It will be a ladies glamour portrait party. I am arranging to have help with hair, makeup and wardrobe. It is going to be a lot of fun! Contact me if you are interested in attending.


Happy 2014!

It is wonderful to be getting back into our normal routine around here after a very fun Christmas and refreshing New Years Eve.

Our Christmas was magical now that we have a little one to share it with. Hazel loves Christmas already. I think her favorite part is seeing all the sparkling Christmas trees.

As we said goodbye to 2013, I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for how amazing the year was. I am so thankful for everyone that has helped us in our first year with Hazel and for all the great people that have helped me build my business.

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to focus on family, children, and baby photography. I am hoping to still photograph a handful of weddings a year since I love them so much. :) I am very excited for what the new year will bring. Happy 2014!

I can’t resist sharing some recent photos of of this little gal:

RobynTurnerFamilyPhotography-7498 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotography-7502


CreativeLIVE Workshop

I can’t say enough about how awesome CreativeLive is. I have been watching their live workshops since soon after they started broadcasting and it has been amazing to see them grow. The education provided by CreativeLIVE is straight from industry professionals and has leveled the playing field for creative entrepreneurs. I decided to apply for a 3-day live workshop by Joel Grimes, since they have a studio in Seattle and Hazel is getting better with being away from me. I was chosen to attend. It was an incredible experience!
You can find the workshop at: creativelive.com

Here are some photos from the workshop:


Thanks to John Hagby of Pictpro for the photo



Photo by Eric Krebs of Eric Krebs Photography


Thanks to Jason Graves of Graves Show Cattle for the photo

Everyone involved was so kind and helpful, making it a lot of fun. The instructor Joel Grimes was so open and generous with sharing his experience as a commercial photographer over the last 30 years. Not only did he do two of his signature style shoots from start to finish live, explaining his lighting and photoshop techniques along the way, he offered some inspirational messages. He stressed the importance of listening to your intuition and artistic vision, which is often lost to the technical nature of photography. It really resonated with me. I will be taking a lot of his advice to heart and I am excited to see how it will translate in my photography.

A few of my snapshots:

About to begin

Checking out Joel’s work

Ready for a photoshoot!

Front row

Host Susan Roderick, Joel Grimes and host Russ Andes

The cafeteria

Fellow students Jason Graves, John Hagby, Todd Hobert, and Chris Raz

I hope to return soon!

Portrait Event Highlights

The NW Harvest portrait event was a lot of fun and we raised enough to meet the goal of 1,000 meals. Thank you to everyone who donated! I may make it an annual event.

Here are a few highlights from the sessions:

RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyMuhich-5 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyMuhich-19 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyEick-11 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyEick-19 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyGaswint-4 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyGaswint-17

RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyLoriandScott-18 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyLoriandScott-27

A few of my favorites from the studio:

RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyMuhich-32 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyMuhich-47 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyEmily-3 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotographyEmily-43

 I can’t resist posting one of Hazel. :)


Portrait Event Photo Keepsake Guide

I am very excited to share this Photo Keepsake Guide that can be ordered from at the upcoming Portrait Event. The sessions are almost full and we have raised enough for 795 meals so far.

Thank you, donors!

Here it is:

Holiday Portrait Product Menu


Hazel has been helping me set up for the event. :)

RobynTurnerFamilyPhotography-8740 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotography-8748

The background is coming together! I am excited to see it finished and ready for the event. :)

RobynTurnerFamilyPhotography-8936 RobynTurnerFamilyPhotography-9001

Special Charity Portrait Event


Robyn Turner Photography will be hosting a special charity portrait event on the weekend after Thanksgiving, Saturday, November 30th and Sunday, December 1st, to finish the November fundraiser for Northwest Harvest. The donations have been slow so far, so I am hoping it will be a success.

A little information about the organization from the Northwest Harvest website:

“Northwest Harvest can feed a family of three a nutritious meal for just 67 cents. At least 92 percent of our total operating budget goes directly toward food distribution. Northwest Harvest encourages informed giving.”

“We are committed to nutrition. Northwest Harvest has decades of experience in promoting healthy eating while reducing hunger. We uphold high standards and ensure our supply of nutritious, in-demand products by purchasing a significant share of our food directly. Seventy percent of the food we provide consists of highly nutritious fruits and vegetables.”

That means that a donation of $25 can provide over 100 meals! I hope you can join us for the event. It is going to be a win-win for everyone involved!

I will be posting more details soon!